Universal Payments & Rewards Ecosystem


Super App One place for all your crypto cash for both business and personal use.
Community Tokenized community incentivizing members who support the ecosystem.
Payments Proprietary payment gateway & checkout for both fiat and crypto currencies.
Marketplace Create, buy, sell, and exchange assets, goods and services using cash or crypto.
Incentives Multi layers rewards and incentives for active community members.
Swap Exchange, bridge or swap assets, cash, and crypto from one place.

Mobie Explained

Mainstream applications for personal and business use

Mobile Payments
Global Payments
Point of Sale & Checkout
Instant Exchange
Rewards & Loyalty
Eliminate Chargebacks
Affiliate Revenue
Direct Marketing & Promotion
Payment Gateway & Instant Settlement
Mobile Payment Data

Mobie Use Cases

Global Payroll
Gig Economy
Gaming & Esports


Serial Entrepreneur, Technology Architect, Systems Engineer and Marketing Expert with 9+ years of C-level Experience.

Brandon Burgason

Founder & CEO

Former Apple spinoff Executive, Financial Analyst, Specialist in Technology, Retail, Branding and M&A’s.

Martin Kraty

President & COO

Over 20 years of experience in creating robust enterprise applications and Fintech.

Nik Puni

Chief of Technology

25 years seasoned CMO specializing in Fintech with multiple exits. #2 employee at Marqeta.

Peter Mansfield

Chief of Marketing

Former State Controller, Director of Policy, General Counsel for California Governors Office.

Tal Finney

General Counsel

Seasoned Tech Entrepreneur heavily focused on Product Development and Marketing.

David Motta

Head of Product

Sales and marketing professional, specializing in growth with extensive business acumen spanning 5 years in business.

Bradley Townsend

Head of Partnerships

Over 35 years of industry experience as a System Architect, Full Stack Cryptocurrency & Smart Contract Development.

Laurence Hagood

Head of Engineering

Leading Data Scientist specializing in Solutions, Architecture and Predictive modeling.

Michael Brink

Head of Innovation

Growth Hacker, Marketing & Project Manager, successfully advising on or bringing to market 10+ blockchain projects.

Kieran George

Head of Community & Growth

Biz-dev badass, structural salesforce alignment specialist, creative problem-solving architect, and connector of people and solutions.

Jeremy Engel

Blockchain Analyst & Business Development


Akemi Sue Fisher

Sales & Marketing Expert

David Meltzer

Consultant & Business Coach 

Dan Fleyshman

Influencer Marketing & Strategy

Joshua Aven

Paid Media & Marketing

Dan Young

Gaming & Strategy

Mike Mumola

Legal & Business Strategy

Ryan Stewman

Growth & Sales

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Garrett Gilbertson

Investor Relations

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Jeff Kirdeikis

Marketing & Growth

Ecosystem features

In-App Ecommerce Marketplace
In-App Currency Conversion
Mass Send & Instant Payroll
E-POS, Merchant Gateway & Checkout
Blockchain Integrations
And More...